Chinese Influencer Marketing: An Introduction to JGOO’s Influencer Feixue Huangdu

By Pippa Horn

JGOOs influencer Feixue Huangdu

Once again, China has leapfrogged the rest of the world in the race to become the most digitally advanced nation, leaving it at least three years ahead of the rest in terms of its business model. This is predominantly driven by the advanced functionality of its social media landscape, e-commerce platforms that have seen steady growth in popularity and digital payments that span the nation. Not to mention China’s influencer marketing ecosystem, which is largely responsible for the impressive rate of business growth in the East. 

Before we dive in, it’s important to understand the uniqueness of the Chinese social market. As the world’s largest social media market, China is vastly different from its counterparts in the West. There’s no Facebook, Twitter or YouTube: almost all western social platforms are banned in China. Instead, they have one-stop apps such as WeChat, which provide a service that integrates all of the capabilities of Western apps into one, encouraging users to adopt everyday usage of this app, including to satisfy their online shopping habits. It is not an exaggeration to claim that almost all Chinese use WeChat on a daily basis. 

In China, increased incomes are growing an affluent middle class who are educated and sophisticated consumers. Purchases are no longer influenced only by price – shopping choices are now heavily influenced by social media. Chinese consumers are more likely to consider buying a product if they see it discussed positively on platforms like WeChat, Douyu and Weibo. 

 Introducing JGOO’s influencer, Feixue Huangdu…

Feixue Huangdu, JGOO’s very own award-winning influencer, has been working with businesses across the UK to promote their brands in China. She focuses on live streaming videos on the Chinese platform, Douyu to her followers back in China. Earlier this year, her live streaming videos reached a record-breaking half a million views for her digital tours of Ruddington and Trent Bridge museum in Nottingham. She has been extremely successful at increasing British brands’ visibility in China and her influence has spiked a large amount of Chinese interest in the respective museums. 

Dr Gavin Walker, Vice Chairman and Honorary Curator at the Ruddington Village Museum highlighted the value that Feixue has added to his business; “Feixue’s live stream, which reached nearly half a million people, has significantly raised the Village Museum’s profile and visitor numbers. More importantly, working with Feixue has been both enjoyable and enlightening. We’ve gained a new friend, an international influencer and some interesting insights into Chinese culture.”

On top of this, Feixue won the Judge’s Special Award for ‘Using Digital Technology to Initiate a Global Reach’ at the prestigious 2019 Regional Heritage Conference & Awards Ceremony in September.

Feixue said: “I was surprised and delighted to receive this award. It’s a huge honour that my work is recognised by the East Midlands museums and I look forward to helping them grow their audiences. My aim is to help museums establish their identity with new audiences on a global scale, by working with them to come up with new ways of interpreting their collections and sharing them with viewers, which ultimately results in increasing their revenue. The positive response I’ve had from the British cultural heritage sector, as well as Chinese audiences, has encouraged me to continue my work to help museums improve sustainability”.

With China’s growing cultural appetite for the UK and the rise in inbound travel from China, Feixue influence has been recognised on a global scale. She continues to work with our clients to share her experience of British heritage with her viewers back in China, connecting them with British brands prior to their travel to the UK.

So how can British businesses benefit from Chinese influencers?

In the absence of Western social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, investing in local platforms is a top priority for British businesses looking to tap into the Chinese market. Chinese social media platforms have become an ecosystem supportive of KOLs, with some of the top influencers signing deals with tech giant Tencent and reigning e-commerce champion Tmall. 

Given the prevalence of social media in China, and the ever-evolving buying habits of the modern Chinese consumer, influencers like Feixue have seen huge success in providing brands with a direct line of communication among their target audience, building awareness, credibility and ultimately driving revenue for our clients. 

Are you looking to enter the Chinese market or drive more Chinese customers to your business? Get in touch with JGOO today for expert guidance on an influencer strategy aimed at driving business growth. 


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