Lessons for British businesses and organisations targeting this market

The Chinese Market



China has a population of a staggering 1.4 billion people, of which 26% will make a cross-border purchase this year. Chinese tourists also account for around one fifth of the world’s total spending on tourism. (1)

Despite this, many British companies with products or services that could appeal to Chinese consumers are doing little or nothing to tap into this market. With the fall in value of Sterling and the growing uncertainty around Brexit, there has never been a better time for UK businesses to consider targeting the world’s second largest economy and the 390,000 plus visits Chinese citizens make to the UK every year.

This paper looks at new research conducted by JGOO, the next generation leader in digital commerce, amongst over 1,000 Chinese citizens. The research looks at their views on buying British goods, and their near plans for visiting the UK.

In addition, this paper also considers the findings of research the firm ran with over 300 managers of British businesses and their attitudes towards targeting the Chinese market. Through their official partnerships with WeChat Pay and Alipay, JGOO provides brands with direct trading access to the Chinese market, connecting UK and European brands to Chinese shoppers and tourists. It not only provides a payments gateway for them to pay for British goods when visiting the country or buying online via WeChat Pay and Alipay, but it also has a team of Chinese nationals in the UK to assist clients in developing a bespoke social media marketing strategy to enhance their visibility in China.

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