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Wechat is the most powerful marketing platform to increase your visibility in China

With Western social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter blocked in China, Chinese users have become committed to the likes of WeChat, Weibo, Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu), Douyin (Tik Tok) and many more. 

With a user base of over 1.4 billion monthly active users, establishing a presence on these platforms is the most effective way of reaching China’s digital-savvy market. 

At JGOO, we provide bespoke Chinese social media marketing services to connect your brand with China’s digital generation. We ensure you take a well-rounded approach and establish a presence across multiple platforms to engage with your target audience.


The team at JGOO are experts in WeChat, Weibo, Little Red Book, Bili Bili, Douyin, Baidu among much else. We’re ready to guide you through your bespoke China strategy and start growing your sales in China. Get in touch today to kick off your journey into China.


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JGOO offers a wide range of social media and marketing services, tailored to your business needs. We do it all from account set-up to content creation and management, to reporting and analytics. We even offer China-specific KOL (influencer) and live streaming services to promote your brand's products among your target audience.

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WeChat Official Accounts are a service launched for companies, organisations, government, media, celebrities, and enterprises. Official accounts can be used to promote brands to millions of users. For merchants, a WeChat official account is not only an essential way to reach customers but they are also highly recommended before applying for the WeChat Pay service. The set up for WeChat Official accounts typically takes within one week.

Different kinds of official account types provide different kinds of interface privileges. The service account can only broadcast four times a month, while the subscription account can broadcast once per day. However, the service account has more privileges such as a payment function, advanced data management and supports notifications. We offer both types of accounts, but we would recommend a service account.

At JGOO, we offer WeChat Official Account setup and management, WeChat advertising, and Chinese social media marketing, such as Weibo, Little Red.

Yes, JGOO has a content creation team of native Chinese speakers who can write professional mandarin for all types of content.

You can access the WeChat Official Account Management platform and obtain the content report, fans report and daily engagement report.